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Easy and carefree watering without a pump or electricity! Irrigates even when you are not around!

A fact is that up to 97% of greenhouse vegetables is water- it’s easy to understand why their water supply is so important. It keeps their cells elastic, raises nutrients from the substrate and transports metabolic products. Plant metabolism would not be possible without water. Watering is therefore crucial. Proper watering ensures that plants stay healthy and vibrant. The goal is to organise irrigation as efficiently as possible.

Drip irrigation system Vodomerka automatically Waters plants while saving water. It can be connected to any water tank, e.g. a large water barrel (not included). The barrel is placed at a height of 0,5 metres in order to create pressure. The automatic regulator works with two AA batteries (not included) and it can be used for controlling how often and how long (two minutes to two hours) irrigation is performed. The basic package includes accessories for the irrigation of two 4 metre long seedbeds. The irrigation system can be expanded with add-ons. Suitable for both greenhouse and outdoor use.

The threaded connections are removed and the entire drip irrigation system is dismantled for the winter season. The system must be stored at a temperature above 0 °C.