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A new even-span greenhouse of the arched greenhouse manufacturer, which allows for growing great harvests.

Its frame is easy to assemble. It is made of corrosion-resistant 20×20 mm square pipes. The frame endures a weight of 180 kg/m². Greenhouse frame width 2.5 m, length 6.4 m and height 2.2 m. A whopping 16 square metres!

Its high quality PC panels are manufactured in Europe, 4/6 mm and UV-protected. The delivery includes everything needed for mounting the panels.

The greenhouse is easy and quick to install.

The greenhouse can be installed on foundations (additional height can be obtained by using bricks) or directly onto the soil. The vertical beams of the frame are equipped with T-shaped anchors that are dug into the ground.

Two-piece doors on both ends allow for cross-draught. In addition, the movable roof panels enable efficient ventilation from the ridge.

The pitch of the roof maximises light permeability and ensures ideal lighting conditions for growth and crop production.

The panels must be removed for the winter. No more worries about snow load! The snow falls freely inside the greenhouse, where it protects the soil from frost and maintains its fertility.

The delivery comes with detailed and illustrated assembly instructions.

Home delivery for only € 49 (Finland).



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