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High quality at a low price! A large and spacious arched greenhouse at reasonable square metre prices for the cultivation of the juiciest plants of the summer. The Strong greenhouse is designed for creating a suitable micro-climate in gardens and yards for plants that require heat. Cultivating in a greenhouse also has the benefit of extended growing seasons.

Greenhouse dimensions: width 3 m, length 4 m and height 2.1 m. Area 12 m².

The frame is made of galvanised steel, and is assembled with screws and nuts. The frame profiles include two sizes (60×20 mm and 44×15 mm) in order to keep the price low, but without sacrificing durability. The frame is sturdy, and it tolerates a snow load of 180 kg per square metre.

High quality PC panels manufactured in Europe, 4/6 mm and UV-protected. They are readily cut to the right dimensions and delivered in cardboard boxes. The delivery includes everything needed for mounting the panels.

The greenhouse is easy to assemble, because it does not require a separate foundation. The vertical beams of the frame are equipped with T-shaped anchors that are dug into the ground. It can also be installed on a foundation by using angle brackets. For example, mounting the greenhouse on concrete blocks brings some extra height to it. We recommend it warmly!

There are hinged and sealed doors and ventilation hatches on both ends of the greenhouse. The width of the doors is 805 mm. A separate roof ventilation window with automatic opening is available as an option. See the category “Accessories”.

The delivery comes with assembly instructions.

Delivery packages: 169×30.5×9.5 cm (frame, 60 kg), 303x123x10 cm (panels, 27 kg).

Home delivery for only € 49 (Finland) or call and agree on a pick-up from our warehouse in Somero or Leppäkorpi of Lohja. Welcome! Tel. +358 40 962 2559 / Hanna.





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