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This affordable greenhouse provides plenty of room and a lot of opportunities. Grow your own food, marvel the wonders of growth and enjoy the summer for a little longer in this green hideout…

Greenhouse dimensions: width 3 m, length 6 m and height 2.1 m. Area 18 m².

The frame is strong galvanised steel, and the parts are attached with screws and bolts. A profile of 60 × 20 mm is used for weight-bearing parts and 44 x 15 mm for other parts. This allows for a cheaper price without compromising the durability. The frame tolerates a snow load of 180 kg per square metre.

High quality PC panels manufactured in Europe, 4/6 mm and UV-protected. They are readily cut to the right dimensions. The greenhouse is easy to assemble, because it does not require a separate foundation. The vertical beams of the frame are equipped with anchors that are dug into the ground. You can obtain additional height by using a brick/wooden foundation.

There are hinged and sealed doors and ventilation hatches on both ends of the greenhouse, enabling good ventilation. The width of the doors is 805 mm. A separate roof ventilation window with automatic opening is available as an option. See the category “Accessories”.

The delivery comes with assembly instructions.



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