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The idea of the geodesic greenhouse is derived from the dome buildings of the US architect and visionary Richard Buckminster Fuller.

The dome greenhouse in constructed from 103 triangles attached to each other. The geodetic dome greenhouse is very beautiful, durable and robust. It can withstand the weight of snow, and is energy-efficient. It is also particularly resistant to wind because the dome shape provides effective protection from winds over the greenhouse.

The frame is made of Siberian larch treated with iron sulphide. Siberian larch is strong and solid wood and is well suited for demanding conditions and applications. UV-shielded and impact-resistant polycarbonate panels are used as cover. Panel thickness: 6 mm. All fasteners (hinges, bolts, nuts, etc.) are made of stainless steel.

The delivery includes 2 ventilation Windows with automatic opening.

The dome greenhouse in not 100% watertight.

Heat and light in distributed evenly in the dome greenhouse, which ensures the best growth conditions for plants. The space also provides people with a great setting for maintaining the plants, leisure and total relaxation. The atmosphere is a dome greenhouse is almost magical.

The greenhouse is easy and quick to install. The greenhouse is delivered prefabricated (triangles installed as pentagons, hexagons and trapezoids), which helps and facilitates the installation significantly.

Dome greenhouse 3,2 m dimensions: diameter 3,2 m, height 2,8 m and area 9,5 m².

The size of the sample greenhouses in the pictures vary and may differ from the actual product, and the picture may contain products that are not included in the price of the product.

Studies have shown that working with plants produces joy and eliminates stress. Invest in your health, clean, self-cultivated food and memorable summer days and buy this eye-catcher – an unparalleled panel greenhouse!

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