UV-protected clear 6 mm polycarbonate panel (e.g. Palram/Lexan) for a wide range of applications, e.g. greenhouses and various types of walls.

Large panel, 2.1 x 6 m (can be rolled to a diameter of 100 cm).

The material is light and easy to work with. High thermal insulation (e.g. 40% better than glass) and good impact resistance. Light transmission 80%. Long-lasting in use.

PC-panels can be cut with a sharp and wide utility knife or a saw or jigsaw. The best results are obtained with saw blades designed for plastic.

The panels are always installed with the text side up (UV-protection).

Home delivery for only € 65 (the following are agreed separately: Lapland, Northern Ostrobothnia and provinces of Kainuu) or call and agree on a pick-up from our warehouse in Somero or Leppäkorpi of Lohja. Welcome! Tel. 040-962 2559 / Hanna.

PLEASE NOTE! Minimum amount three pieces when delivered. No restrictions when picking up (Somero/Leppäkorpi of Lohja).






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